Step-by-Step Guide to Brave Browser

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The Brave Browser is a disruptive new internet browser. It seeks to provide a more secure, fast, and safe internet experience without intrusive online ads. The key to Brave Browser is that it combines the protection of the Brave Shield for users with a blockchain payment system called Brave Rewards for website publishers. Brave says that it “blocks the ads and trackers that slow you down, chew up your bandwidth, and invade your privacy.” As a result, Brave Browser users receive a superior internet experience while website publishers receive compensation without extensive advertising. Anyone familiar with an ordinary internet browser can use the Brave Browser immediately for more secure, fast, and safe internet browsing.

This Step-by-Step Guide to Brave Browser reviews how to use the unique features that set the Brave Browser apart from competitors.



Download and Install Brave

Visit the Brave website and select Download Brave to get started. If you like the content we produce at Crypto Space Guides, we hope you will visit Brave website from a link on our website because we will receive (at no cost to you) a small referral bonus. Install Brave Browser like any normal app. Brave Browser is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, and iOS.  This Step-by-Step Guide to Brave Browser will review how to use Brave for Windows.

Brave Download Windows


Welcome to Brave

The first time you open Brave you will see a welcome screen that provides information about its important features. Brave is familiar to anyone who has used a modern internet browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.  Brave has similar buttons, address bar, tabs, and settings as those other internet browsers. This Step-by-Step Guide will focus on what makes Brave different.


Brave Shield

Let’s begin with Brave’s most important feature. The Brave Shield is the heart of what makes Brave more secure, fast, and safe. Brave Shield blocks ads, trackers, malware, phishing, cookies,and fingerprinting. It also automatically upgrades websites to the more secure https. The overwhelming majority of internet users are not sophisticated enough to research, download, install, configure, and maintain multiple extensions to protect themselves online with other web browsers. Brave does all that work behind the scenes so that even the grandparents among us are protected online. With less garbage to load in the background, websites load faster and do not expose users to malware and other malicious code.

Brave Shield Block-1


Brave Shield Blocking

For each website visited, Brave Shield displays the ads and trackers blocked, the upgrades to https, scripts blocked, and fingerprinting methods blocked. It blocked an astounding 28 ads and trackers from CNN. Click on any item of the numbers to display more specific information about what Brave Shield blocked.

Brave Shield Block-2


Brave Shield Settings

Users may customize how Brave Shield behaves. More aggressive protection may include blocking all cookies and all fingerprinting rather than just from 3rd parties. Brave disables script blocking by default because it may cause some websites to function improperly.

Brave Shield Block-3


Brave Dashboard Stats

The dashboard displays your total trackers and ads blocked, https upgrades, and estimated time saved. It’s amazing to see the amount of ads blocked and time saved after using the browser for awhile.

Brave Stats


Private Browsing With Tor

Next, let’s discuss Brave’s unique privacy feature as compared to most other web browsers. Brave lets you browse the internet in a private tab with the Tor Network in one simple click. The Tor Network “directs Internet traffic through a free, worldwide, volunteer overlay network consisting of more than seven thousand relays to conceal a user’s location and usage from anyone conducting network surveillance or traffic analysis.”

Brave Tor New


Private Browsing With Tor Details

Brave displays the word Tor in the upper right of the browser window. Note that Tor can and will likely slow down your internet speed.

Brave Tor Window


Brave Rewards

Finally, let’s review how website publishers and users may benefit from Brave. Brave Rewards allows users to anonymously and automatically make micropayments with the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to website publishers that they like. When users visit websites, Brave Rewards automatically distributes micropayments based on the time the user devotes to each website. Users can also tip specific websites with additional BAT. In the future, Brave Rewards will also pay users willing to view ads online rather than blocking all ads. Brave Rewards are made through an anonymous ledger system that makes it impossible to identify the user. In short, as of now, Brave Rewards pays website publishers for quality content without requiring them to inundate their visitors with ads.

Users are not required to enable Brave Rewards to obtain all the benefits of more secure, fast, and safe internet browsing with Brave. To support your favorite websites, go to the Brave Rewards section from either the icon next to the address bar or the upper right menu.

Brave Rewards


Join Brave Rewards

Select the “yes, I’m ready” button to participate in Brave Rewards.  Brave will create a “wallet” for you to store the cryptocurrency BAT. BAT is utility token based on the Ethereum blockchain that is used as a unit of account between advertisers, publishers, and users in Brave’s blockchain-based digital advertising and services platform.

Brave Rewards 2


Fund Brave Rewards Wallet

A user is ready to use Brave Rewards once the wallet is created and funded.  The team behind Brave regularly gives away BAT to new users, including to new users when they join Brave Rewards, to help with funding wallets. Select the “claim” button to receive free BAT. Experienced cryptocurrency users may also send BTC, LTC, ETH ,or BAT directly to their wallet in Brave. Those funds will automatically be converted to BAT. Note that users cannot currently transfer BAT out of their wallets except to reward and tip website publishers.

Brave Rewards Screen


Support Websites With Brave Rewards

Now funded with 25.0 BAT, next let’s choose the website publishers to support with Brave Rewards. Users can automatically support every website publisher they visit through the auto-contribute settings.

Brave Rewards Claimed


Brave Rewards Auto-Contribute

Users should select the amount of BAT to pay as rewards each month to the website publishers they visit. In addition, some settings help prevent users from rewarding websites they visit only once or for a very brief period of time.  In particular, users can set how much time they must spend on a website and how many times they must visit a website before that website will receiver Brave Rewards.

Brave Auto-Contribute Settings


Brave Rewards Website List

Brave Rewards will list the websites a user visits and the percentage of BAT that website will receive. A user’s list of website publishers will expand as he or she continues browsing with Brave. A user can also click the x symbol next to a website to remove it from receiving Brave Rewards.

Brave Rewards Sites


Brave Rewards on Website

Users can also check if they are contributing Brave Rewards to a website publisher from the Brave Rewards icon. For example, below shows that Coin Desk is a Brave verified publisher and is included in our list of auto-contribute website publishers.

Brave Rewards Example


Brave Rewards Tips

Users can also tip website publishers they like with additional BAT.  Simply select the send a tip button from the Brave Rewards icon on the website.

Brave Send Tip


Brave Rewards Tip Options

Users determine the amount to tip a website publisher and whether to tip just once or on a monthly basis. For example, below shows that we had the option to tip Coin Desk 1, 5, or 10 BAT. We could also tip just once or on a monthly basis.

Brave Tip Amount


Brave Helpful Settings

Brave includes many of the same settings as Google Chrome and supports the same extensions as Google Chrome. Two settings were particularly helpful for us. First, Brave has a dark mode. Second, Brave supports a wider website address or location bar from the settings.

Brave Quick Settings


Get Started With Brave!