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Step-by-Step Guide to Edge Wallet

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Edge is a mobile cryptocurrency wallet with a focus on security, user privacy, and ease of use. This step by-step guide shows how to use the Edge wallet to send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrency. We are impressed by Edge’s emphasis on security, including its unique 2-factor authentication protection to prevent other devices from accessing your Edge wallet. Edge currently supports bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and dash. Support for more cryptocurrencies and fiat currency will come in the future. Let’s get started!


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Visit Edge

Visit the Edge website and choose either the iOS or android app. This guide uses the android app.

Edge Front Page


Install Edge

Select install from the app store to download and install the Edge app to your mobile phone.

Edge Download


Open Edge

Open Edge on your mobile phone and select create account to get started with a new Edge account.

Open Edge


Get Started with Edge

Edge provides helpful instructions for creating an account. Select get started to continue.

Edge Get Started


Choose Username

A username is required to sign into Edge.  Enter a username and select next to continue with account creation.

Edge Username


Set Password

Enter a password and select next. Use a strong password and do not repeat a password from other apps or websites.

Edge Password


Set Pin

Set a four digit pin. It is used to quickly login to your account. You still need a password for sensitive transactions.

Edge Pin Code


Backup Account Info

Write down your account information and store it in a safe place. Failure to backup account information may result in loss of all funds.

Edge Account Information


Review Terms

Edge provides an important reminder that you must safeguard your password and username.

Edge Complete Account


Wallet Opening View

Edge separates each cryptocurrency into its own wallet. The opening screen displays bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and ether (ethereum).

Edge Opening Screen


Access Settings

Select the menu from the upper right to access settings in Edge.


Edge Settings


Settings Overview

From the settings menu, you can change account information, add twoor fact security, change the default currency, enable/disable pin login, and access cryptocurrency-specific settings.

Edge Settings Review


2FA With Edge

Edge has a great feature that protects your account even if your username and password is stolen. For another device to access your Edge account, it will need a two-factor authentication code from your current device.

Edge 2FA Setting


2FA Explained

Edge’s implementation of two factor authentication is an amazing security feature. It means, however, that you must wait 7 days to re-access your account if you lose your phone or uninstall the app.

Edge 2FA Notice


2FA Enabled

You can now access the two factor authentication code from the settings in Edge.

Edge 2FA Other Device


Add Cryptocurrency Wallet

To add more cryptocurrency wallets to Edge, select the “+” sign from the wallet screen and choose the cryptocurrency to add.

Edge Add Asset


Choose Fiat Currency

Edge will display the value of each cryptocurrency in a fiat currency.  To continue adding a cryptocurrency wallet to Edge, select what fiat currency you want to display.

Edge Asset Fiat


Name Cryptocurrency Wallet

Edge has a neat feature to name your cryptocurrency wallet, which is especially helpful if you create more than one wallet for each cryptocurrency. Choose a name and select Next.

Edge New Asset


Finalize New Cryptocurrency

Next, review and confirm the details for your new cryptocurrency wallet and continue.  In this guide we finalized the details for a new Dash wallet called My Dash.

Edge New Wallet Complete


Wallet List

Eventually you will have a list of wallets with several cryptocurrencies.  However, we suggest only using the segwit version of the bitcoin wallet — it will likely have lower fees.

Edge All Wallets


Deposit Cryptocurrency

Select the “Request” button in the app to view your wallet address for depositing cryptocurrency. Edge will display a QR code and your receiving address, which you can copy or share from Edge.

Edge Receive


Deposit Notification

Edge will display a pop-up notification when you receive a cryptocurrency deposit to your account. Below we received a notification that we just deposited 0.025 ETH.

Edge ETH Received


List of Deposits

Each cryptocurrency wallet in Edge will display a list of deposits and withdrawals. Our wallet displays that we have 0.025 ETH after your deposit of ethereum.

Edge ETH Received-2


Deposit Details

You can click on any transaction to view more details, categorize the transaction, create notes about the transaction, and link to the transaction data.

Edge ETH Received Details


Exchange Cryptocurrency

Edge integrates Shapeshift to let you exchange cryptocurrency within Edge. Select the exchange button at the bottom of the app to exchange cryptocurrency.  Select the cryptocurrencies you want to exchange and enter the amount to exchange. This is extremely convenient, but the fees are higher than exchanging cryptocurrency on an exchange such as Gemini and Bitstamp. In this example we exchanged ethereum for bitcoin.

Edge Exchange Basics


Change Mining Fee

Select the menu from the upper left to change the mining fee of your transaction. A higher mining fee increases the transaction speed and cost, while a lower transaction fee lowers the transaction speed and costs.


Edge Exchange Mining Fee


Mining Fee Options

Edge allows you to set a low, standard, and high mining fee, as well as set a customer mining fee.



Edge Mining Fee


Send Cryptocurrency

Select the send button from the bottom of the app to send cryptocurrency.  Then engage the camera app on your cell phone for you to scan the QR code. Finally, enter the amount of cryptocurrency you want to send and slide to confirm the transaction.  In this guide we sent our ethereum to another wallet.

Edge Withdrawal


Send Confirmed

Edge will display a message when you have successfully sent cryptocurrency.

Edge Withdrawal Sent


Transaction List

Your cryptocurrency wallet will display your withdrawal transaction almost immediately.

Edge Withdrawal Record



You Are Ready To Get Started With Edge Wallet.  Go Now!