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Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Cards for Gods Unchained

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Gods Unchained is an upcoming turn-based digital trading card game. Each match is a 1 v 1 battle against another player where the goal is to reduce your opponent’s life to zero. Players use their card collection to build decks of 30 cards and select a God to play with at the start of each match. The gameplay for Gods Unchained is fast and seamless because it runs on a traditional centralized platform that provides the speed that players demand.

For many, this may sound similar to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. What sets Gods Unchained apart is that players have real ownership of their cards digitally documented on the immutable and decentralized ethereum blockchain. Players can sell, trade, and transfer cards for real value, rather than have their cards owned by the company that created them. Some of the biggest names in blockchain, including Coinbase, have financially backed Gods Unchained.

While Gods Unchained is a free-to-play trading card game, players can also buy cards from the game developer and, eventually, other players. This Step-by-Step Guide to Buy Cards for Gods Unchained reviews how to buy the limited edition Genesis Season of 380 unique cards for Gods Unchained before its beta launch in late 2018 and official launch in early 2019. 



Visit Gods Unchained

Visit the Gods Unchained website to get started. If you like the content we produce at Crypto Space Guides, we hope you will visit Gods Unchained from a link on our website because we will receive (at no cost to you) a small referral bonus. While this Step-by-Step Guide is focused on buying cards, the Gods Unchained website includes important information about how to play the game, a list of all the cards in the Genesis Season, and a helpful frequently asked questions page.

Gods Unchained Front


Connect Metamask

The purchase, sale, trading, and ownership of cards for Gods Unchained occurs on the ethereum blockchain with the cryptocurrency ETH. You will need to use Metamask, which is a browser extension that helps you buy (including with a debit card through Coinbase), send, and receive ETH on the ethereum blockchain. It is available for download for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera and automatically included with the blockchain-enabled browser Brave. You can learn how to get started with our Step-by-Step Guide to Metamask. Connect your Metamask account once you arrive at the Gods Unchained website.

Gods Unchained Metamask


Check Inventory

Let’s discuss your card inventory first. Your card inventory is tied to your Metamask account and ethereum address. When you use the website for God Unchains the first time, visit your inventory to see that you initially have 0/380 cards to begin. Time to buy some cards to fill up that inventory.

Empty Inventory


Get Packs

Let’s next review how to buy your first trading cards for Gods Unchained. The Genesis Season cards for Gods Unchained are purchased in packs of 5 cards. Each pack contains at least one higher-level card (rare, epic, or legendary) depending on the amount paid. Generally speaking, legendary cards are the most powerful, followed by epic cards, then rare cards, and finally common cards. Select the Get Packs menu item to purchase cards.

Gods Unchained Get Packs


Enter Pack Order

Select the type of pack you want to purchase and enter whether to purchase 1, 6, 18, 50, or 100. We chose to buy 1 rare pack to start because we wanted to collect the cheaper common cards to build our collection. However, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that you may receive multiple rare/epic/legendary cards in one pack and may receive a higher-level card in a lower level pack (such as receiving an epic card in a rare pack). For context, we received 10 rare cards and 3 epic cards across 10 rare card packs. Select the buy button to continue.

Gods Unchained Select Buy


Submit Pack Order

A Metamask notification will help you submit the order to the ethereum blockchain. Just select the confirm button to confirm your purchase. For example, the Metamask notification showed that we would pay 0.012774 ETH for the one rare card pack, which included 0.000774 ETH for the transaction fee (called gwei or the gas fee).  Although it’s not usually necessary, you can learn more about setting custom gas fees from our Step-by-Step Guide to Metamask.

Gods Unchained Metamask Confirm


Confirmed Pack Order

The Gods Unchained website will display a notification that your transaction may take a few minutes to process. In exchange for this slight inconvenience, players will outright own the cards they purchase on the ethereum blockchain instead of having their cards controlled, owned, and made non-tradeable by a central entity like in Hearthstone.

Gods Unchained Buy Complete


Open Cards

Select Open Cards from the menu to open your card packs or click the website notification when your cards arrive. Your card packs are displayed in the lower left.

Open First Pack


Drag Pack to Open

Drag the pack to the center pedestal to open it. Gods Unchained will then put out some cool animations and sound effects to open your pack of cards.

Open FIrst Pack - Drag


Cards Ready to Open

Your cards are now ready to view. Click on each card to overturn it.

Open Pack - Card Backs


Cards Opened

The 5 cards are now entirely viewable. Our pack had two rare cards, which are marked by the blue coloring next to the names, called Malfunctioning Servitor and Outcast Amazon. Our pack also had three common cards.

Open Pack - Cards Opened


Cards in Inventory

Your inventory will display the newly purchased cards. For example, our inventory showed we now had 5/380 cards and each individual card.


All Cards Distributed

The ethereum blockchain allows for tracking every Gods Unchain card ever distributed. To preview this capability, the Gods Unchained website shows how many of each card has been distributed by “shine.” The shine level (plain, shadow, gold, and diamond) impacts the scarcity of the card, but it does not matter for gameplay.

Tracking Cards


You Are Ready To Get Started With Gods Unchained!