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Step-By-Step Guide to KuCoin

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Our Step-By-Step Guide to KuCoin shows how to use KuCoin to buy and sell cryptocurrency.  We detail how to create an account, deposit funds, review cryptocurrency prices, execute trades, and withdraw funds from the KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange.  Kucoin‘s modern interface and huge number of supported cryptocurrencies makes it a favorite among cryptocurrency investors and traders.  KuCoin is one of the best designed cryptocurrency exchanges available.  You will learn everything needed to start trading at KuCoin with this guide.  Now, let’s get started in this Guide to KuCoin!


Visit KuCoin

Visit https://www.kucoin.com and choose Sign Up from the upper right of the KuCoin homepage to start.

KuCoin Front Page


Sign Up with Email

Sign up for KuCoin requires an email address and password to start trading.  Enter the requested information and press Next.  There is no identity verification process for normal accounts because KuCoin does not support traditional currencies like USD and EUR.  It’s a cryptocurrency only exchange, similar to Binance.

KuCoin Sign Up


Confirm Email

KuCoin needs to verify your email address before providing access to your account.  You will receive an email from KuCoin requesting that you “Please Click on the link below to complete the registration.”  We received our verification email within 1 minute.   Click the link in your email to access your KuCoin account.

KuCoin Email Activation


Settings – Overview

There are four main sections to KuCoin:  settings (now called account), assets, markets, and the trading chart.  With your email verified, you now have access to your KuCoin account and will arrive at the settings/account page.  Here you can see basic account information. From the settings/account page, you can reset your password and turn on two factor authentication using Google Authenticator.

KuCoin Overview Page


Settings – 2FA

It is vital that you enable two-factor authentication on every cryptocurrency exchange you use, including KuCoin. There are endless stories of individuals losing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars because they did not use two-factor authentication on a cryptocurrency exchange.  Two-factor authentication means that KuCoin will require that you enter a temporary code, sent to your cell phone, each time you login.  This is in addition to your password and username.  KuCoin uses Google Authenticator.   Choose “Google 2-Step” from the settings menu and follow the directions.

Kucoin Enable 2FA


Asset Quickview

Let’s get into the Asset section of KuCoin.  The upper right of the KuCoin page always displays a small circle with a dollar symbol.  You will see a popup window listing your assets and providing buttons for access to your detailed asset information, deposit information, and withdrawal information.  Alternatively, you can just click on Assets from the top menu to visit your asset overview.

KuCoin Asset Quickview


Asset Overview

The asset overview  shows all available assets on Kucoin and the amount you hold.  The left side is a menu to access asset deposits, asset withdrawals, your currently active orders (meaning buy and sell orders on orderbooks), your dealt orders (meaning filled buy and sell orders), and any income your have earned from holding KuCoin Shares.  You may sort each column in the asset overview by name and amount.

KuCoin Asset Dashboard


Asset Deposit

The asset deposit page is intuitive. Choose the asset you want to deposit from the drop down menu in the upper left.  In this example we chose DENT.   KuCoin will display both the address and QR code for you to deposit into your KuCoin account.  Copy the address and paste it into the exchange or wallet that you are using to send cryptocurrencies to KuCoin.

KuCoin Blank Deposit Page


Asset Withdraw

The asset withdraw page is also intuitive. Choose the asset you want to withdraw from the drop down menu in the upper left.  KuCoin will display the amount available to withdraw at the top of the screen and the withdrawal fee just above the Confirm button.   In this example we chose to withdraw bitcoin cash.  Enter the address where you want to send the asset, the amount to send, and your two-factor authentication code from Google Authenticator.  Then press Confirm to proceed with the withdrawal.  KuCoin will then send you an email to confirm and complete the withdrawal. You can find KuCoin’s withdrawal fees listed on its website.

KuCoin Withdrawal Amount Filled


Asset Orders

The Active orders and Dealt orders pages show your trading history.  Active orders will show your pending orders placed on order books on the KuCoin exchange.  Dealt orders will show your completed orders on the KuCoin exchange.  You can see below that the Dealt orders pages shows that on January 15, 2018, we completed a buy order of 0.02041893 BCH for 0.03675407 ETH at a price of 1.8  ethereum per 1 bitcoin cash.

KuCoin Asset Dealt Orders


Market Overview

We will next review the Markets section, which is accessible via the Markets link on the top menu of KuCoin.  The Markets page shows every cryptocurrency available for buying and selling on KuCoin with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Tether (USDT), and KuCoin Shares.  Use the tabs  in the upper left to select the base currency in the trading pair.  The Market overview will then show the last price, percent change, and 24 hour volume for each trading pair.  For example, below we chose bitcoin and the Markets page displayed all the bitcoin trading pairs available on KuCoin.  You can also set favorite assets to view from the star icon on the left menu, choose what columns (last price, change, amount, bid, etc.) to display from the settings icon on the left menu,  and search for coins using the search box in the upper right.

KuCoin Market Trading Pairs


Market Quick Orders

You can enter a buy or sell order directly from the Markets page using the links for Buy and Sell for each cryptocurrency.  For example, below we prepared to buy XRB with BTC using the buy link on the Markets page.  However, we prefer using KuCoin’s full trading interface for buy and sell orders because it offers more flexibility and information.

KuCoin Asset Chart QuickBuy



The most important feature of KuCoin and where you will spend the most time is the trading screen.  It includes a trading chart, depth chart, history of your orders, order book, box to place your buy and sell orders, and a dropdown to choose your cryptocurrency pairing to trade.  You can access the trading screen by clicking on any cryptocurrency from the Markets page.  Let’s go through each of section of the trading screen.

KuCoin Clean Chart


Trading Chart

The trading chart in KuCoin includes the following features:  intervals from one minute to one week, various chart types (lines, bars, candles, etc.), settings to truly customize your trading chart, dozens of technical indicators, and comparison of multiple cryptocurrencies.  The upper right also includes a feature to split the trading chart into as many as 8 different charts.  The trading chart in KuCoin is extremely smooth relative to most competitors.  Our only minor complaint is that the trading chart includes 1 hour and 8 hour intervals, but not a 4 hour interval.

KuCoin Chart Main Chart


Trading Pair

You can select the cryptocurrency pair you wish to trade from the drop down menu in the upper left.  It shows the last price (including in fiat currency), 24 hour volume, and percentage change in for every cryptocurrency pairing available on KuCoin.  It’s a fantastic implementation of a cryptocurrency selection box by KuCoin, except we found that the drop down box would sometimes close if we did not scroll perfectly to the Search coin box.


Trading Depth

The depth chart in the lower left of the trading screen is rather limited.  In showing the size and value of buy orders and sell orders, the depth chart is enough for you to identify large buy or sell walls or a large spread between buy and sell orders. We would like to see KuCoin make it easy to zoom in and out on the depth chart.

KuCoin Chart Depth Chart


Trading Order Book

KuCoin’s order book is, like Binance’s order book, one of the best we’ve seen on a cryptocurrency exchange.  It includes the current buy and sell orders, transparent bars indicating the relative volume of each order, the last order price in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency, the percentage change, and a running list of the last completed orders.  You can also choose the number of decimal places to display in the order book, which helps identify buy and sell walls.

KuCoin Order Book


Trading Order History

The Active orders and Dealt orders sections show your trading history.  Active orders will show your pending orders placed on order books on the KuCoin exchange and allow you to cancel an active order.   Dealt orders will show your completed orders on the KuCoin exchange.

KuChoin Chart Orders


Trading Order Box

The box in the lower right is where you place buy and sell orders to the order book.  KuCoin helpfully allows its users to select the best price to immediately buy or sell with one-click, select to buy or sell the max amount with one click, and use a slider to select to buy or sell an amount based on a percentage of your total holdings.  KuCoin also clearly shows you the fee charged for any buy or sell order.

KuCoin Chart Place Order


Trading Buy Order

This is an example of placing a buy order on KuCoin.  Let’s assume that we want to buy bitcoin cash with ethereum.

First, let’s figure out the price we want to pay.  The order book below shows that the best price on any sell order of bitcoin cash for ethereum is 0.05047103 bitcoin cash selling at a rate of 1.875499 ETH/BCH.  We could click on the 1.875499 ETH next to “Best price” in the order box to place a buy order for bitcoin cash at that price.  But assume we think the price could drop slightly and fill our buy order at a lower price.  Therefore, we enter 1.800000 ETH as the price we are willing to pay for bitcoin cash.

Second, let’s figure out the amount we want to buy.  The order box shows that we have 0.03675409 ETH available to trade.  If we wanted to sell just 50% of that ETH, we would set the ratio slider to 50% to sell that amount of our ethereum for bitcoin cash.  But assume we want to sell all of our ETH.  Therefore, we click the link next to “Max” in the amount box to fill in a buy order for 0.2041893 BCH.  With the price and amount entered, we click Buy to place our order to buy bitcoin cash.


Trading Order Active

Congratulations, you’ve learned how to place a buy order on KuCoin.  You can see that our buy order for 0.02041893 BCH at a price of 1.800000 ETH/BCH is now active on the order book and in our list of Active orders.  This buy order would ultimately fill a couple hours later.

KuCoin Order on Books


You Are Ready To Get Started With KuCoin. Visit Kucoin Now!