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Step-By-Step Guide to Jaxx Liberty Desktop Wallet

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This Step-By-Step Guide to the Jaxx Liberty Desktop Wallet shows how to use Jaxx Liberty to securely manage cryptoassets from a desktop computer. Jaxx Liberty is one of the most successful cryptoasset wallets because it makes it easy to manage more than 85 cryptoassets. It also includes features to track your portfolio’s value, movement in the cryptoasset markets, and the latest news in the crypto space. Jaxx Liberty wants to become a one-stop shop for cryptoasset management across both desktop and mobile.  With its intuitive interface to deposit, exchange, and withdraw cryptoassets, Jaxx Liberty is a solid option for the portion of a cryptoasset portfolio that users want to quickly access without going into more secure cold storage options. Let’s get started!



Download & Install Jaxx Liberty

The first step is to download and install Jaxx Liberty. It is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, Apple iOS, and Google Chrome. We will use the Windows version of Jaxx Liberty in this step-by-step guide. Visit the Jaxx Liberty website, select the download button to choose what version to download, and then install it.

Jaxx Desktop Download


Create Wallet

Open Jaxx and choose the create new wallet button. For users who previously had a Jaxx Liberty wallet, they may select the button for pair/restore existing wallet to regain access to a previously-created wallet.

Jaxx Create Wallet


Terms of Service

Review and agree to the terms of service. Then select continue.


Main Dashboard

Users are will then arrive at the main dashboard for Jaxx Liberty. From this main dashboard, users can manage their cryptoasset wallets, check their portfolio balance, send and receive cryptoassets, exchange cryptoassets, review the latest cryptoasset market movements and news, and setup their backup phrase and security password. Jaxx Opening


Backup Phrase

It is essential to set up a 12 word backup phrase with Jaxx Liberty. This 12 word backup phrase is necessary to access a Jaxx Liberty wallet on any other device, such as when a user replaces an existing computer with a new one. Select the back up now button from the upper left of the dashboard to get started. Make sure to write down the 12 word backup phrase and keep it in a secure location. Do not store an unencrypted copy of the backup phrase on any electronic device.  Any person who gains access to your backup phrase will control your cryptoassets managed with Jaxx Liberty.


Security Password

It is also a good practice to set up an additional security password for Jaxx Liberty. Anyone who gains access to your desktop computer will have access to Jaxx Liberty. However, the separate password will be required for important functions such as withdrawing cryptoassets. This provides another important layer of security. Set up an additional password via the menu in the upper right of the dashboard.


Customize Wallets

Let’s next review how to customize wallets in Jaxx Liberty. Most users do not need a wallet for every cryptoasset supported by Jaxx Liberty. For example, for this step-by-step guide, we only wanted wallets for BTC, ETH, ZRX, and DOGE. To customize what wallets to use, select the wallet setup button from the main dashboard. Then toggle on only the wallets you want displayed in Jaxx Liberty. Users can also drag wallets to place them in any order of their choosing. In some cases, users will have to click to initialize a wallet when adding it for the first time.


Receive/Deposit Cryptoassets

Let’s next review how to receive/deposit cryptoassets with Jaxx Liberty. This step-by-step guide will show how to receive ether (ETH), but most cryptoassets work the same way with Jaxx Liberty. Users can select the receive button from the main dashboard or from within each cryptoasset wallet. Once a user selects the cryptoasset to receive, the user either copies the deposit address or scans the QR code for the deposit address. Then it’s simply a matter of sending or withdrawing the cryptoasset from another wallet, exchange, or other application to the Jaxx Liberty deposit address. The wallet will reflect the newly received/deposited cryptoasset as soon the transaction is confirmed.


Exchange Cryptoassets

Let’s next review how to exchange cryptoassets within Jaxx Liberty using Shapeshift. This step-by-step guide will show how to exchange ether (ETH) for bitcoin (BTC), but the process is the same for all cryptoassets supported by Jaxx Liberty and Shapeshift. Users  select the exchange button from the main dashboard or from within each cryptoasset wallet. Then users select the cryptoasset to exchange, the cryptoasset to receive back in return, and the amount to exchange. Here, we chose entered to exchange 0.071874 ETH for 0.0026024. However, notice that Shapeshift will take a fee of 0.00025 BTC for processing the exchange. Confirm the exchange. You will see updated wallet balances once the transactions are confirmed on the relevant blockchain networks, in this case ethereum and bitcoin. While exchanging within Jaxx Liberty is convenient, as you can see, it ordinarily costs more than a typical exchange such as Gemini, Binance, or Coinbase Pro.


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